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Naval Architecture

A great number of regulations cover the area of ship design, construction and exploitation. The design, construction and safe operation of merchant ships is considerably influenced and regulated by a number of organizations and their various requirements. Regulations, rules and legislation may be classified in accordance with these organizations, which fall into three broad categories:

   - International Authorities, such as International Maritime Organization (IMO)
   - Classification Societies
   - National Authorities

JG Maritime Engineering Ltd deals with all the most important regulations, rules and legislation, and is familiar and experienced with most regulatory, classification society rules and international standards within the area of ship design, construction and exploitation, including hull geometry, hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, structures, arrangements, construction and marine-mechanical engineering.

We provide services within the following subjects but not limited to:

   - Hydrostatics and Stability Analysis (intact and damage)
   - Damage Stability and Floatability Assessment
   - Intact and Damage Stability Information Booklets
   - National and International Rules and Regulations
   - Tonnage, Freeboard and Loadline Calculations
   - Docking and Launching Calculation
   - Lightweights Survey and Inclining Experiment
   - Wave Data, Motions and Sea Loads Analysis
   - Longitudinal Strength
   - etc ...